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Creighton Law Review

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Black Lives Matter. All Lives Matter. These two statements are both true, but connote very different sentiments in our current political reality. To further complicate matters, in this short reflection piece, I query how multiracial lives matter in the context of this heated social and political discussion about race. As a multiracial person committed to racial justice and sympathetic both to those pushing for recognition of multiracial identity and to those who worry such recognition may undermine larger movements, these are questions I have long grappled with both professionally and personally. Of course, multiracial lives matter - but do they constitute a sub agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement, or is there an independent agenda the moniker "Multiracial Lives Matter" might represent? If the latter, is there a danger that such an agenda might be co-opted by other forces and used to further unintended purposes, such as the advancement of colorblindness? To the extent that agenda demands unique recognition of multiracial identity, how can it co-exist with broader identity-based racial justice movements?

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Lauren Sudeall Lucas, Reflection: How Multiracial Lives Matter 50 Years After Loving, 50 Creighton L. Rev. 719 (2017).





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