Checking Account Protections

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Encyclopedia of the Consumer Movement


Stephen Brobeck

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Contribution to Book

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Encyclopedia of the Consumer Movement is the first comprehensive reference work on the subject. Written by consumer movement leaders and academic specialists in the field, the 198 alphabetical entries in this volume describe movement-related institutions, leaders, activities, and impacts, with particular attention paid to the laws and regulations that are intended to protect consumers. Although the encyclopedia emphasizes the larger and more active U.S. consumer movement, a substantial number of entries are devoted to consumer movements in nations or regions outside the United States. This volume also contains numerous cross-references, bibliographic references, and a detailed index. Students, researchers, journalists, business leaders, policymakers, and government officials will find this encyclopedia a valuable addition to any reference collection.

Recommended Citation

Mark E. Budnitz, Checking Account Protections, in Encyclopedia of the Consumer Movement, Stephen Brobeck, ed. (1997)

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