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Revista de Derecho Urbanístico y Medio Ambiente

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Barcelona is a leader in the smart cities movement, a movement that aims to help cities deliver services to citizens more efficiently and economically as a way of making the city a more inviting and inclusive place to live and work. As with any city committed to forward-looking economic, social, and urban development initiatives, it is important to consider whether ambitious goals to reinvent the city include an agenda to solve the persistent problems that have faced major cities for decades, including affordable housing and caring for roofless or homeless men and women. This article ties together the challenges Barcelona faces in responding to the needs of its roofless citizens with Barcelona's leadership in the global smart cities movement. The article describes the problems that Barcelona currently faces with roofless citizens, outlines the smart cities movement's goals, expounds Barcelona's smart cities initiatives, and examines how the smart cities movement offers opportunities for Barcelona to collaborate with peer cities internationally to create new and promising approaches to ending homelessness.

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John Travis Marshall & Jessica Venegas, The Smart Cities Movement and Advancing the International Battle to Eliminate Homelessness - Barcelona as Test Case, Revista de derecho urbanístico y medio ambiente, Apr.-May 2015, at 177.