Health Injustices Caused by Segregation and Housing


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Courtney Anderson, Associate Professor of Law, Georgia State University College of Law, discusses health injustices caused by segregation and housing policies.


Discussion Questions

  • Before watching this video, what did you know about the role of the federal government policy in reinforcing segregation in housing? How does this history impact your understanding about housing patterns in the US today?
  • What is the impact between housing policy and generational poverty?
  • What are some of the socio-economic determinants of health? How do they impact health and health outcomes? What steps are needed to address these socio-economic determinants of health? Would universal health care resolve the health disparities?
  • What steps might you take to improve health equity?

Selected Resources

Courtney L. Anderson, Integrate and Reactivate the 1968 Fair Housing Mandate, XIII Hastings Race & Poverty Law Journal 1 (2016) available at https://works.bepress.com/courtney_anderson/7/.

Ira Glass, House Rules, This American Life, November 22, 2013 https://www.thisamericanlife.org/512/house-rules.

  • This podcast gives a historical overview of private and public housing discrimination. We discuss how historical racism can and should be addressed by racial justice laws and policies in present day. Bioethics principles are, in part, a response to historical racism by healthcare providers and the healthcare system.

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