2016-17 Law Review Symposium: Quinlan at 40 - Afternoon Session

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Fall 11-11-2016


It has been forty years since the Supreme Court of New Jersey decided the landmark case, In Re Quinlan. Quinlan was the first major judicial decision to hold that life-sustaining medical treatments may be discontinued, even if the patient lacks capacity. At this year’s symposium, experts in law, medicine, and bioethics will discuss how law and science have evolved and how those changes affect the decisions of patients, surrogates, healthcare lawyers, and healthcare providers.

Michele Goodwin - Pregnancy - 00:06:00

Mary Crossley - Disability - 00:18:00

Marshall Kapp - Elderly - 00:51:57

Sylvia Caley & Samantha Johnson - EOL Decision Making in Georgia - 01:50:00