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The Act provides for the creation of a centralized database for Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs), to be maintained by the Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC) in consultation with the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. The registry will be linked to the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Network and made available to law enforcement officers and the courts. The Act provides for the creation of standardized forms to be promulgated in the Uniform Superior Court Rules and distributed by the Administrative Officer of the Courts. Completed Forms will be transmitted electronically to the GCIC and entered into the database. Expired or terminated orders will be removed from the database within twenty-four hours. Foreign Protective Orders, in any form, may be filed with the clerk of the superior court in any county and will also be entered into the registry. The Act also provides for immunity from civil liability for law enforcement officers or state officials who fail to file TPOs with the registry in a timely fashion or act in reliance upon information they find there.

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