Cases and Materials on Corporations

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This new edition of Cases and Materials on Corporations retains the basic structure of the last edition -- discussion, notes, problems, and excerpted cases. With an eye to stimulating learning, and a focus on what future lawyers actually need to know, the Third Edition includes newer cases that will be more interesting to the students, because students will recognize and remember the events that gave rise to the disputes (e.g., the recent financial crisis and housing slump), while still retaining the essential classics. Cases and Materials on Corporations includes material vital to the actual practice of law, covering issues of corporate social responsibility, criminal law, family law, and professional ethics. The casebook also covers agency and partnership and choice of business forms, including limited liability partnerships and substantially updated materials on limited liability companies, in acknowledgement that they are now the go-to entity for small businesses. Other highlights of the new edition include extensive reworking of the chapter dealing with management's duties to the corporation; notes on recent statutory developments, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank Acts; and a reworking of insider trading materials, adding substantial notes to explain the case law and regulations that led to the Supreme Court's adoption of the misappropriation theory

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Hurst, Gregory, Williams, and Taylor. Cases and Materials on Corporations, (Lexis/Nexis 3rd 2014)

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