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January 2009


Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs described what they knew about Carrie in papers they filed with the court. She was born July 2, 1906, the daughter of Frank and Emma Buck. Emma was already a resident of the State Colony near Lynchburg, but Frank’s whereabouts were unknown. Carrie had lived at the Dobb’s home since she was three or four years old and was in generally good health. She spent her time helping Mrs. Dobbs with chores around the house. The Dobbs claimed that Carrie was subject to “some hallucinations and some outbreaks of temper” and that she was dishonest. They said that she had been born with an unusual mental condition that had been demonstrated by certain “peculiar actions.” She had attended school five years and reached the sixth grade and had experienced no problems with liquor or drugs but was guilty of “moral delinquency.”