Ethics of Digital Mental Health Technology


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Nicole Martinez-Martin, Assistant Professor at Stanford Center for Biomedical Ethics, discusses some of the ethical issues that arise from emerging digital mental health technology.


Discussion Questions

  • Dr. Martinez-Martin describes an array of mental health technologies that can be useful, but may also pose new privacy risks. What are some of the risks? In what ways are these new? In what ways are they similar to traditional privacy concerning surrounding mental health?
  • What would you want to know before using mental health technologies? How might we best inform people about the risks and benefits of using these technologies? What are the potential barriers to informed consent in this context?
  • What are some of the equity concerns regarding mental health technologies? What could be done to remove or at least ameliorate these concerns?

Selected Resources

Nicole Martinez-Martin, Henry T. Greely, and Mildred K. Cho, Ethical Development Health of Digital Phenotyping Tools for Mental Health Applications: Delhi Study, JMIR mHealth and uHealth 9(7): e27343 (2021), doi:10.2196/27343.

AI Real Life series, https://www.nytimes.com/spotlight/ai-real-life (2022).

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