Call for Papers

Risky Business: The Art of Reducing Litigation Uncertainty and Settling Cases

The Georgia State University College of Law will hold a one-day symposium in late January to early February 2015 to examine the different ways in which lawyers assess the risk associated with litigation, and the ways these tactics impact settlement negotiations. One of the realities of litigating in the 21st century is that the vast majority of cases settle before reaching trial. Attorneys must be able to make value judgments and provide clients with an in-depth analysis of their chances of success in order to make decisions about how to reach a resolution.

The symposium will include, but is not limited to: perspectives on risk assessment in a variety of contexts and from a variety of actors, including corporate counsel, academics, seasoned litigators, the judiciary, and the consulting industry. Possible panel discussions include: the tools successful attorneys use to reduce litigation uncertainty, the future of risk-assessment tools such as data analysis and jury verdict reports, the competing interests in risk assessment from a client perspective, and the tactics that successful attorneys employ in settling cases

The College of Law welcomes papers, essays, and symposium-length articles on these topics and related subjects. The format is flexible in order to encourage academics, advocates, and practitioners alike to participate. Selected conference papers will be published in a future issue of the Georgia State University Law Review.

Those interested in participating should e-mail a one-page abstract summarizing their proposed topic to by July 15, 2014. Participants will be notified late-July if their papers have been tentatively accepted for publication. First drafts will be due by October 15, 2014 and final drafts will be due December 1, 2014. For more information, please contact Georgia State Law Review Symposium Editors Allison Averbuch at or Wayne Satterfield at .

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